City of Kigali launches Master Plan 2050

Kigali, 4 September 2020 – The City of Kigali has today launched the 2050 Master Plan. This new vision expresses Kigali’s unique local identity and succinctly represents the aspirations and sense of ownership of Kigali city by its citizens to be an inclusive city for all.

Key improvements in this Updated Masterplan are the Flexible Zoning Plan, which saw the review of the regulations behind each zone by shrinking the number of commercial zones from nine to three and the number of residential zones from seven to five.

This Master Plan also focussed on mixed use developments in the City center – CBD which is largely mono-use today: it is dominated largely by office developments and retail business. Beyond the CBD, the city will also encourage private developers and building owners to consider regenerating their existing buildings, especially the older ones.

Kigali Master Plan will enhance green growth. Planners aspire to strike the fine balance between rapid development and protecting the city’s greenery, biodiversity and heritage. The Master Plan put in place various strategies to adapt to the realities of climate change, particularly rising global temperatures and rising sea levels. It will mitigate flood risks, improve drainage infrastructure and, where possible, integrate them with other developments to optimise land use.

This new concept has the population projection now at 3.8million, household size at 3.8, gross density at 5198 p/sqkm, and employment projection at 1.8m jobs. This new updated Kigali Master Plan 2050 is an upgrade to the 2013 version and will lead the economic and social growth of Kigali  for the next 30 years.

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